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It's Kimbo. Cheers.

Epic Productions is an outside-the-box concept created by Kimberly Sawyer. While she was completing her MBA in 2009, Kimberly couldn’t ignore the feeling she had to bring some culture to her community. So on a whim, she began independently curating and producing events that showcased artists and tied in philanthropic causes to each event. Some sort of physiological synapse must have occurred during her first event because she immediately knew she had found her passion.

In a nutshell, her passion is to promote passion. To expand, she promotes passion through experiential marketing, event production, and curating.

Epic’s mission is to create opportunities that explore and broaden the definition of art, while also bringing the community together through creativity, culture, and giving back. Kimberly’s business background and fascination with experiential marketing has allowed Epic to expand from independently-curated shows to freelance marketing and event services for national businesses.

She has worked with great brands such as RVCA, TOMS, Billabong, and Quiksilver and has helped raise thousands of dollars for such organizations as Surfers Healing, Wave Warriors Surf Camp, and Quiksilver Foundation. Attendance of her events ranges from 500 to over 10,000; she often manages between 20 and 40 artists and staff per event.

With a name like EPIC, Kimberly makes it clear that she will work tirelessly so that any project she is a part of fit the word’s definition: “extending beyond the usual or ordinary especially in size or scope.”

Kimberly’s determination and go-getter attitude has allowed her to cultivate experience in the following areas:
-Event Management
-Project Management
-Marketing and Promotion
-Account Management, sales
-Office Management and Organization
-Non-Profit Development
-Artist Management
-Trade Show Coordination

Kimberly works on a freelance basis and loves collaborating with other like-minded individuals and companies.